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Tightlines Small Modern House Design

Small Modern House Plans – Cottage House Design

Modern house is the most popular home design nowadays. This kind of house provides a simple dimension as well as clean lines, open plans and not to forget, a luxuriant natural lighting. It has been inspired by the mid century homes that give an easy access of indoor and outdoor room. However, most people who live in a small house will get rid of this style from their house plan list. […]

Unique Beach House Interior

Beach House Interior Design Ideas

Let me take to the ultimate beach interior appearance, you’re about to witness the latest beach house interior of the year. For the people who really like to travel, I’m sure, beach will be one of the most favorite places, with great view and breeze of the wind, you can hear the sound of the wave and birds, so calming and relaxing, away from the crowd of the city and […]

Narrow Lot Beach House Plans with Lighting

Narrow Lot Beach House Plans

Alright people, today I will try to share information about narrow lot beach house plans, does anyone know what narrow lot beach house is? In case you looking for detail information, you just come to the right place, this post will give you description and real narrow lot beach house plans designed by incredible designers. I will start with description first, well, narrow lot beach, you can see the style […]

Curb Appeal Paint Color Combinations wtih STones

Curb Appeal Paint Color Combinations

Considering making a decoration for the house is the same with considering that you really want to polish your creativity. Home decoration ideas are not only about the available budget for the activities, you will also need to put the mature plan inside. The planning that constructed perfectly without the great character is the same like a plagiarism. To outsmart the problem, you can gain more creativity that can impress […]

Showers without Doors With Floor Tiles

Unique Showers without Doors

Bathroom is the most private room in the house. You have to make everyone who use the bathroom to be comfortable and feel secure and get the privacy they want. You have to provide everything that is needed in the bathroom. The bathroom arrangement of the hardware should be well arranged. You have to make it like that because the bathroom should be well arranged to make you comfortable doing […]

Office Design Ideas With Hardwood Floors

Office Design Ideas for Small Spaces

There are some office design ideas for small spaces that you can adapt to your house. If you happened to work from your house, then there is nothing else that you can do but make the best of the space that you have already. In this case, you would likely find that the ideas are sharing only some minimum requirements in decorating. Several considerations that you have to bear in […]

Elegant Italian Romantic Bedroom Decoration

Romantic Bedroom Decoration

If I ask you about the most romantic moment, I’m sure it will be so many romantic moment you have. Well, romantic moment is the time where you can give the best and lovely thing for your beloved person. And I know where is the best place for you to express it, bedroom. Yes, bedroom seems become the preferred place for the couple to express their romantic moment, as you […]

Tiny Kitchens With Wood Table Ideas

Tiny Kitchens Ideas

Having a small house is still common. But, having a really a small house is not common. It could be a big problem for some people. You have to solve and overcome the problem. You can do it by getting the right design for the house. The small size of the house is not really a big problem since you can still solve it easily. You can get the design […]

Small Home Floor Plan With Floor Carpet

The Right Small Home Floor Plan

Hello everyone, how is your day? Still feel busy on the weekend? That’s bad; it happen to me last week, so many works and activity are draining my minds, that’s my problems anyway, now, how about you? Do you have any problem about floor plan? Especially for you who want to start build your own home, a small home? Well this time I will talk about small home floor plan, I […]

Fine Lazy Boy Sectional Sofas

Lazy Boy Sectional Sofas

Sofas became important furniture in every home. Not only in the living room alone we find sofa, but in the bedroom, living room, garden and even often times using sofa. With the sofa reflects modern style in any room you. There are many types of sofa designs, colors, and materials that you can choose furniture in stores or online stores. Some people need and choose a sofa according to taste […]

Bedside Reading Lamp With Rattan Chairs

Bedside Reading Lamp Design Furniture

Reading before sleeping? Reading on your bed, absolutely, isn’t it? So you need a lamp, so that you will enjoy reading. Choosing reading lamps is not easy, especially for people reading on the bed before sleeping. You should suit the model with your room. And also, think about your comfort when you read a book before sleep. Surely, we need a lighting that is not too bright because not good […]

Decorating Ideas for Coffee Tables With Sofa Beige

Decorating Ideas for Coffee Tables

There are so many things to consider when decorating the house, but choosing the right furniture will always be on the top of the list for most homeowners in the entire of the world right at the moment since the furniture not only provides function, but also enhances the overall visual appearance and sets the certain ambiance over the house. The choice of the furniture varies and one of them […]

Hand Blown Glass Terrarium

Hand Blown Glass Terrariums

I recently found an ornament that looks very useful which is designed by Liz Boscacci that is aimed for Bevara Design. The ornament is a terrarium which was originally made in Poland. The terrarium is truly s piece of art. It is such a mini oasis to be put in the middle of the modern house which is mostly covered with silver and metallic colors pallet.