How to Frame a Window

Before starting to frame your window, the first thing you must do is getting the place of where the window will be located, prepared. When you are constructing a house, the window opening will need to be framed as well as building the frame of the entire wall. But if you just want to remodel […]

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Bathroom Painting Color Ideas

If you are bored already with the current bathroom painting, maybe this is the right time for a change. You can find a lot of bathroom painting color ideas these days, but if you don’t have any knowledge about what you have to do, you probably are going to have start it all over again. […]

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Old Fashioned Christmas Decorations

Christmas can be one of the most precious moments, people all over the world celebrate Christmas with different way, some of them commonly add Christmas tree inside or outside the house, not just a regular Christmas tree, they also add more ornaments as decoration on it. Today I will talk about old fashioned Christmas decorations, […]

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Decorative West Elm Lighting Design Ideas

When you are decorating your new home, lighting is the important thing that should be paid attention by you, because it plays a crucial role in creating a magnificent home interior design. And you should understand that our lifestyle and the products that you choose for our home have some impact to your environment. Therefore, […]

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Remove Bathtub Drain: Easy Step by Step to Replace Your Old Bathtub Drain

Nothing last forever, so does the bathtub drain. Soon or later, we will need to replace it with the brand new one. Here below are the tips of how to remove bathtub drain, keep reading for more details. Let’s get started: -          Open the stopper using a lever. And after that, pull it with your […]

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Modern Wall Shelves Design

The modern wall shelves are good for you who have a limited space. Now, we all understand that we need storage to keep our stuff, but if we use those items a lot it might be hard to keep it under the cabinets. So, you can hang it on the wall with the wall shelves. It might […]

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