Playboy Bunny Room Decors

If you have Playboy bunny room decor: periodic table wallpaper, pub chairs and tables, quartz kitchen counter tops, and any other things, you couldn’t feel offended. Because what we accentuate here is the bunny icon which can be used as color combinations for soft colors. These playboy bunny room decors used especially when you really […]

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How to Make a Murphy Bed

Lots of people need extra bedding but also having less space for realizing their desire. The Murphy bed can be the answer for those who desire extra bedding but have limited space. Here below are the steps of how to make a Murphy bed. 1. First you must select the bed materials that’s gonna be […]

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Interior Design Ideas For Apartment Living Rooms

The first thing you have to think whenever you want to design the interior of the living room in your apartment is all about the function of the living room. Think and then figure out how this will be used later. For example whether it will be the center of family living or it will […]

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Hanging Beds Design Ideas

If we discuss the beds, a bedroom or a room to sleep, then we will get to the design-the design or decoration is a very diverse type and have a form or appearance that is very special for us even beauty  apply to room spaces in our homes. However, if the shape of the bed which […]

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Villa Valtanen by Arkkitehtitoimisto Louekari

Located in Lappland, Findland, this house was completed in 2012 and takes about 55.5 sqm. This house is a mixture of modern architecture and the ancient timber structures with the heavy use of wooden materials. This villa valtanen by arkkitehtitoimistolouekari is located on a rocky outcrop’s top with the great view of the forest which […]

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Folding Dinner Table and Chairs

If you have the combo dining room which is also functioned as the living room, decorating it might be a sweet dream or nightmare. Since the space is limited, you also must carefully think about the organization because there are two rooms in one place! But it is not the end of your combo dining […]

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