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Large Bthroom Librarry Tiles Design

Library in Bathroom: Multifunctional Decoration for your Bathroom

When planning to decorate bathroom, people will tend to change the flooring, the ceiling, the color of the walls, the pattern and many more. Every decoration placed is a common thing and always be related with bathroom as a humid place. Why don’t we try to relate the decoration of the bathroom with our habits? Some people with a special interest in reading will be excited if they can read […]

Elegant Bathroom Furniture with Fashionable Look

Elegant Bathroom Furniture

Remodeling the old bathroom is what people do when they have money and time. Not only to bring back the shine the bathroom used to have before, doing the remodeling of the bathroom simply could boost the overall value of the house. There are so many things to do, but doing remodeling without elegant bathroom furniture is a lie if I may say. Are you thinking about doing the changing of the […]

Black and White Interior Decorating Bathrooms

Fresh Interior Decorating Bathrooms

Designing your bathroom interior is challenging, but it should be done because an outdated bathroom will evoke a discomfort. Just give your bathroom a little makeover to the walls will give it a fresh and cozy look. So, interior decorating bathrooms doesn’t have to be expensive. There are many simple things that can effectively change the look of your bathroom interior. A simple thing like hanging a framed mirror on […]

Where to Find Modern History Furniture with Hanging

Where to Find Modern History Furniture

The special appearance that applied for the home furniture can make the room more comfortable. The comforts is not only delivered by the function of the furniture itself, you can also make use the visual appearance of the furniture to increase the comfort. One thing that must have attention is that you need to choose the best style of furniture for your living place. The style is not only good […]

Chic Decorating Ideas For Studio Apartments

Decorating Ideas for Studio Apartments

I am not going to deny that all those pricey home decor magazines focus on large spaces, not to mention grand entryways and homes with offices as well as formal dining areas and large master suites so that it is difficult for you to find the decorating ideas for studio apartments. All those magazines are talking about the space that is exactly what most apartment dwellers do not have. However, there […]

DIY Traditional Queen Platform Bed Plans

Queen Platform Bed Plans

Bedroom is the personal room in a house. You have to create your personal room to be as comfortable as possible for yourself. You have to get your personal room makes you feel secure. So, the design of the bedroom should support that. The supportive design of the bedroom would give you the comfort, so get that supportive design bedroom plan for your own bedroom. The design of the bedroom […]

Classic Eames Longue Chair and Ottoman

Classic Eames Longue Chair

What do you do when the day was a long day? Of course, you want to relax and laze around for a while to unwind. Normally, some people relax for a while sitting or lying on the living room couch. Why not in the bedroom? If in the bedroom, instead you relax, but you will fall asleep. There are other ways to unwind, with lounge chairs that you can place […]

Ocean Modern House

Richard Meier Southern California Beach House

Richard Meier is a famous designer who was born in Newark, New Jersey. He has done many fascinating houses which make him such a prominent designer until now. Even in 2008 he was awarded with the Pritzker Prize for his work. He won the gold medal of architecture. One of the magnificent houses that he has designed is the beach house in the south California. Together with his partner, Michael […]

Simple White and Blue Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Simple Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Having a glamorous kitchen room is necessary unless you live alone. As for a condo or small apartment, the simple kitchen decorating ideas are precious, since you need good idea that would diminish the crowded feeling. You can follow some steps below here in order to have a simple kitchen decorating. First, you can go with some softer color schemes. Yes, colors are just important if we talk about home […]

Green Bathroom

Bathroom Renovation Ideas for Small Bathrooms

It does not mean that your small bathroom is impossible for any upgrade or renovation. By careful estimation and planning, you can transform your tiny bathroom into a visually-larger looks. You can focus in three things, the color, the storage, and the fixture in renovating your limited space bathroom. If you are ready to make your bathroom feels larger and more stylish, the following tips may help you at the […]

Rolling Door Hardware

Rolling Door Hardware

Well, door as one important element of a house are now coming in many styles which are just interesting to apply. One example is of course common wooden made door that we need to swing the door to open and close. We can also see varieties in this style, especially with the knob which vary from round to flat, from wooden made to porcelain made, and from smooth to patterned […]

Small Loft Furniture for Small Apartment

Smart Furniture for Small Apartment

So, you do want to know how to arrange the furniture for a small apartment, but do not really have an idea where to start. Well, I am going to say that it is a common kind of problem that so many people who are living in the small apartment have been dealing with over time. Indeed, you do have so many options to choose from here, but in the end, […]

House Tanks

Houses Built From Shipping Containers

Do you ever imagine building a house from shipping container? Then maybe you are questioning this: “What, a house built from shipping container?” Yes, the home designing nowadays has reached to that part. There’s been pretty trend for homey and buildings made of shipping containers, which are shoddy, plentiful. It only cost about $40,000 to build (depending on the designs).