Art Barn by Robert Young Architecture Interiors

This house is one of the masterpieces of modern living space. Located in such an exotic place, the living space which is called with art barn by Robert young architecture interiors has the mix of concrete structure with the forest that surrounds the area. It can be said that the living space is the combination […]

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Paint Ideas for Master Bedroom

There are no fixed rules about the paint ideas for master bedroom. There is one thing that is quiet important; we should provide the basic needs of the bedroom itself. Remember that the master bedroom is the room that must be comfort. It must be adjusted to the function of the room. At first, you […]

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Easy Shelving Ideas for Your Home

Shelving is the savior for houses with small/ limited space. This is because they don’t take used space instead they take free space which is the wall. Yes, shelving can be hooked up on the wall and then it will help you organizing your home by taking all the stuffs. Talking about shelving, there are […]

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Residential Building of Rojkind Arquitectos High Park in Mexico

When talking about architectural building all around the world, there is no way to stop because there is no way that many architects stop to sharpen their creativity in a form of a great architectural building. Rojkind Arquitectos High Park in Mexico is a kind of great architectural building that will be interesting to be put on […]

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Cool Room Ideas for Teenage Girls

There are tons of the cool room ideas for teenage girls to choose from. Yet, finding the right one is not going to be as easy as holding a hand of your kids. Of course, there are so many considerations to make here. We are talking about your girl’s preference and style, the age of your kid, […]

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How To Build A Floating Shelf

For the people who want to increase or optimize small room, perhaps the information’s about How to build a floating shelf will help you solve the problem. Hello reader, still have a problem with your small room, how about adding floating shelf? I’m sure it will be good idea. Adding floating shelf will be interesting […]

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