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Mid Century Modern Furnishings for Sale

Mid Century Modern Furniture Chicago

There are many things we can find in Chicago. Not only about the architectural salvage, you can also find mid century modern furniture. If you are busy people who don’t have much time to explore where you can buy mid century modern furniture Chicago, I will give a list of the shops for you. These are not only online shop, but you can also pick up the furniture directly from the […]

Tiny Transforming Zebra Rugs Apartment in New York

Tiny Transforming Apartment in New York

Living in a big city is not easy, that’s one thing for sure. Not only the high living cost, but also the high renting cost for living place (the price of living place is also so damn high). This is one thing that we cannot avoid, just the same like tax. Since the area for living place is getting smaller and smaller, the price of living place is getting higher […]

Cool Lighting for High Ceilings

Lighting for High Ceilings Ideas

By the time you are looking for the right solution of the lighting for high ceilings, it is such a good idea for you to consider the pendants. I do really know and realize that every single time I name this thing, what your mind is going to tell you is that it is a jewelry. I do know it is kind of pretty messed up after all, but what […]

Ikea Sofa Slipcovers with Fancy Red

Ikea Sofa Slipcovers

There are some people who like to make decoration and also know about the brand of furniture that have art based named IKEA. Yes, I’d say there are a lot of strange sofas, tables, and chairs hanging around in many a home those in my age range and income bracket. Additionally some IKEA furniture is also a hallmark of unkempt. It has always seemed to me that you have one […]

Cool Kids Bunk Beds With Blue Wall

Cool Kids Bunk Beds Design Furniture

Bunk beds are nice alternative mattress that can help reducing chaos inside bedroom and help adding more space in your children’s room. They are offered in a variety of metal and wood, and they are accessible in twin, full sizes, bottom full and top twin designs and all full or all twin models. These cool kid bunk beds in fact can be beneficial for all intents and purpose especially if […]

Best Decoration Small Living Room

How to Decorate a Small Living Room

Living room is known as the main room in a home, it reflects the owner’s personality. If you have a condition where you only have a small space for your living room, you don’t need to be frustrated how to decorate a small living room, because there several great ways to decorate your small space as well as possible. The idea of decorating your small spaces should avoid cluttering your room with […]

Godiva House Floor Plan by Empty Space Architecture

Modern Minimalist Godiva House Design by Empty Space Architecture

Godiva house, that’s how we call this modern and simple yet fascinating living place.  Completed in 2012, the house which is created by Empty Space Architecture is located in Cascais, Portugal. The design that the house has is based on the mindset of creating a more sustainable living space with contemporary style. The house has two parts of rectangles which are connected one another. The south rectangle is purposed for […]

Elegant Kitchen Layouts and Design

Best Kitchen Layouts and Design

When building or renovating a kitchen, there are several things that you should consider carefully. When people decide to remodel part of their homes, they usually start from the kitchen. Because the kitchen may be the busiest room in the house. There is also always something you can do to fix it. However, construct the kitchen layout and design is not a simple job to do. One of the strongest […]

Green Shades Bath Towel Storage Ideas

Bath Towel Storage Ideas

You can use some bath towel storage ideas below here for free. You know there are always ways to store the pile of towels in your bathroom. You can keep them looking neat and convenient to reach in your bathroom, but not by having them lying all over the place. To get more functional storage space for the towels, you have to check these brilliant bath towel storage ideas. First, […]

Combination Blue and White Bedroom Design Intrior

Blue and White Bedroom Design

Beautiful bedroom is something special for some people because it will create an atmosphere of rest in bed, it also would be more comfortable and relaxing, as you know, choosing the right theme for your bedroom is not an easy thing to do, this time I will give you a little information about blue and white bedroom design, combining two different colors may not easy to do, especially for those […]

Cool Honeycomb Wall Shelves Ideas

Cool Wall Shelves Ideas

There are so many ways to adorn the house and yes, you have plenty of options, but when you are in the mid of the way to look for something unique and different, the idea to use the cool wall shelves is simply amazing and popular as well, given the fact so many people are using these things. Well, what do you know about these cool wall shelves? Is it […]