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Home Decorating Cottage Style Dining Table Furniture

How to Create Home Decorating Cottage Style

The main material if you are planning to apply home decorating cottage style is the reclaimed wood. This is not a material actually since you can accidentally use it anytime you want. If your house decorated using cottage style, you are lucky enough to get these reclaimed wood anywhere at your house. You can find from the last piece of your construction of the house and also from your old […]

Fix Faucet Kitchen

How to Repair A Leaky Faucet

The dripping water’s sound of a leaky faucet is really bothering. And of course it is a signal for you to fix the problem soon. Before you go calling a pro to get your faucet fixed, just think about t twice. If you can get your faucet done with your own effort, all you need are right directions and will of yourself. Keep reading for the details.

Pretty Gardens Flowers Ideas

Pretty Gardens Inspirations Pictures

Today I will share my experience about pretty gardens, this happen last week when I was do jogging in the morning, and I just see something is very beauty on my neighbor yard, so I stop and watch the garden, there is a garden with full of green plants, colorful flower, stone decoration, and ponds, and the most stunning is the fountain, there is a fountain in the front yard […]

Amusing Living Room Yellow Grey Combination

What Color Goes With Grey and Yellow?

It may be a little surprising that yellow and grey can look extremely good together. It’s just because the mood of the two colors are typically contrast. Yellow is a kind of warm color, while grey is perceived as cool color. Therefore, they are not often combined to be used together in one room. Another reason is just because sometimes the combination between grey and yellow would seem to create […]

How to Build a Stone Wall with Apply

How to Build a Stone Wall

In improving property, most homeowners find something to can realize their idea. But some of them do not find the answer for their problem. Actually there are many things that can improve our property so it will be more attractive. One of the most popular is stone wall. Stone wall can be a great way to improve and also define your property in the house. Your wall will last a […]

Sweet Philippine House Design

Awesome Philippine House Design Ideas

Philippine house design is quite unique and popular. It traditionally consists of wood with a peaked roof while the modern ones use mostly concrete, cinder block and stucco. If you want to decorate your home in Filipino home style, you need to add some characteristics of this home design to make it realized. Here are some tips you can try to do. Like other home designs, decorating a Philippine home […]

Classic Bathroom Tile for Shower Walls

Bathroom Tile for Shower Walls

Shower’s wall is indeed something that you see every single time you step your feet inside the bathroom. That’s one enough reason for making it as cool as we can in order to make it does not look boring and plain. So, when dealing with shower’s wall, what can we do about that then? The bathroom tile for shower walls, that’s how we call this project this time. The idea […]

How to Build Deck for Your Home

How to Build a Deck Step by Step

Building a deck is actually a simple job even if you are not a professional. What you really need is a good instruction. As long as you follow a good instruction how to build a deck step by step, you won’t lose any grip and you can get your favorite deck. You have to do think about the pre-construction before starting to build your deck. You should decide, what size of […]

White Ikea Stranda Wardrobe

Ikea Stranda Wardrobe

Wardrobe usually becomes popular for keeping people’s stuff in the modern area. Many manufacture and stores sell and provide variety of wardrobe. It can be its style, shapes, colors, materials, and use. Ikea is one of manufacture that provides many interesting and inspiring design of wardrobe. One of the best products from Ikea is Ikea stranda wardrobe. What is it looks like? That is most people’s question that asked to […]

Is Radiant Floor Heating Viega Board Worth It

Is Radiant Floor Heating Worth It

A radiant flooring heating system is unique since it uses tubes underneath the flooring that can be filled with air or water or infrared heating elements. These substances provide heat that raise up to the floor providing a consistent heat in the room. However, is radiant floor heating worth it? There are some pros and cons that can answer this question. A radiant floor heating is worth enough since installing […]

Corner Fireplace Designs for Modern with Decoration

Corner Fireplace Designs for Modern Houses

The fireplace is one of the important elements of the house. It is also a decorative element that will make the room especially the living room become more alive. A fireplace can make the house a home. It is right because the fireplace is one of the unity tools to gather all family members. The family members usually will gather in front of the fireplace. The fireplace can be in […]