How to Create Home Decorating Cottage Style

The main material if you are planning to apply home decorating cottage style is the reclaimed wood. This is not a material actually since you can accidentally use it anytime you want. If your house decorated using cottage style, you are lucky enough to get these reclaimed wood anywhere at your house. You can find […]

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Tips on Choosing the Best Unusual Beds Design

Bedding is no doubt the most appealing thing inside any bedroom. The space is called with “bedroom” for a reason. So when it comes to the bedroom decoration, the bedding selection will be one of the most important things that we must pay attention to. If you ask me what kind of bedding that we […]

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Interior Design Spacious Home in London

London is a mega city, one of the mega cities in the world and we all know that. And since London is that big, finding a spacious living space is such a “wow” job, but actually, I found one. This spacious home in London means really spacious. With the application of mass-white color shade and […]

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Privacy Fence Designs

Hay, we met again in the morning is overcast. Do you still keep the spirit of welcoming this morning? I am sure your passion for achieving success. How’s your family? I hope all in good condition. I will not mince words at length. Here, I review it accompany you on one of the decorations for […]

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Fancy Design of Maracana House by Terra e Tuma Arquitetos Associados

Located in Säo Paulo, this Maracana house by terra e tumaarquitetosassociados is able to give you the eclectic look that a house can give. The house applied open floor space which combines all three functions into one big space. This house is really a perfect place for single man. The designer took the family residence […]

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Attic Bedrooms with Slanted Walls

Do you have an attic in your house? You could use the attic as the room for your unused stuff, in other words the attic is used as the warehouse. Most people do the same to the attic, but some other people use the attic as the bedroom. You could also make your attic to […]

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