How to Create Home Decorating Cottage Style

The main material if you are planning to apply home decorating cottage style is the reclaimed wood. This is not a material actually since you can accidentally use it anytime you want. If your house decorated using cottage style, you are lucky enough to get these reclaimed wood anywhere at your house. You can find […]

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Some Types of Living Room Pics Designs

For those of you who have a house with a size that is small enough, maybe you will find a little bit difficult in the setting of furniture and assorted some of other items. Moreover, the living room is only serving limited area to placing stuff, furniture and so on. Therefore, there is little living […]

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Country Dining Room Design Ideas

If you come with a holiday in mind as a tool of decoration, the dining room will take on a life of its own. There are so many ideas to apply when you want to create such an amazing country dining room, ranging from the color palette make your way up to the functionality, it is […]

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Lorna Corner Shelf

Nowadays, there are many ways to maximize the free corner of your house by using it as the storage location. One of the ways is by using the Lorna corner shelf. This is the wall mounted shelf that is available in costumed colors and also size. This shelf is designed by William Feeney. It has […]

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Modern Minimalist Godiva House Design by Empty Space Architecture

Godiva house, that’s how we call this modern and simple yet fascinating living place.  Completed in 2012, the house which is created by Empty Space Architecture is located in Cascais, Portugal. The design that the house has is based on the mindset of creating a more sustainable living space with contemporary style. The house has […]

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Warm Colors for Living Room

Warm colors are good for living room because they can create a cozy environment, which is good for a gathering space like living room. So, if you want to feel the cozy and comfort of warm hues, you can try this in your living room. Here are some warm colors for living room you may […]

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