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Jeff Lewis Design Interior

Jeff Lewis Paint Colors

Talking about decorations, designs, and styles of our home will bring us to some trusted names in this business. Jeff Lewis is one of the professional in decorating and designing rooms in our home, including bathroom, dining room, basements, bedroom, and any other room in your home. When designing those rooms, Jeff will use paint for adding decorative accents for the room itself. The most interesting part of Jeff Lewis […]

Amazing Unique Table Bases

Unique Table Bases

Something that’s gonna make you feels impressed when you‘re eating or drinking something, what is it? There are many kind of furniture or scenery that’s gonna make you more impressed when you do those things. But, I’m starting with the furniture that you use. This Unique Table Bases that’s what I’m gonna tell you. Have you ever heard about a table bases that have some unique design? Likes the table that […]

Ivory Dressing Table Ikea

Beautiful Dressing Table Ikea Furniture Ideas

Are you thinking about decorating the house with dressing table Ikea, but not really so sure yet that this is such an amazing addition for you to bring? Well, I am going to ask you to stay around with me here, to read the remaining words of this post so you will be able to figure out the main reasons that explain why you have to make a purchase of the dressing […]

Attractive Fold Away Bunk Bed

Fold Away Bunk Bed

Yesterday I may review something about bunk bed, single bed with two beds inside, but this time I will tell you about the bunk bed mechanism system, commonly bunk bed designed with above and down design, that will really save more space for your room, but this time is about fold away bunk bed, yes, this bunk bed can be folded, take a look on the picture section and know […]

Ideas of Victorian Mansion Floor Plans

Victorian Mansion Floor Plans

Every element in the house has to be well chosen. You have to get the best quality of the stuff for your house. You can create a house to be a mansion. Or, it could be just a mansion that could be felt like home. You have to choose the design of your house in a mansion to be in the right concept. The concept should be based on the […]

Amazing Architecture of Thai Home Asian and European Design Concept with Downed

Amazing Architecture of Thai Home: Asian and European Design Concept

If you try finding a living place which has the look of European and Asian, then maybe this Thai house is your final answer! The house is trying to balance the Asian and European architecture traditions and sky and ground. Even though there is a problem with the landscaping, but the builder @Architectkidd Co. Ltd. has solved it smartly. They solved the problem by building the main house asymmetrically on […]

Closet Lighting Ideas With Frame Photo

Closet Lighting Ideas

Having a closet to keep your stuff in the bedroom is a need for you. You can use the closet for your bedroom as the storage of your stuff. The closet is storage of the clothing stuff you have. You have to design your closet to be the best fit storage for your bedroom. You have to create the closet for your bedroom that is well organized. You have to […]

Christmas Light Fixer Set

Christmas Light Fixer for Better Xmas Decoration

Decorating your house with Christmas lights is a must. This is one of Christmas decorations that can’t be excluded from your home. Creating a great Christmas light in your yard will bring the spirit of Christmas to the neighborhood while allowing you to enjoy your own Christmas light show. Usually, people like to store the Christmas lights to use it from year to year. This is why there is usually […]

Mediterranean Color Scheme Ideas

Mediterranean Color Scheme for House

Today I will share something about mediterranean color scheme, just try to look on the picture section, many pictures about mediterranean living room and the other room uploaded, you can use that as the right reference for your next room interior design. Anyway, talking about mediteranian color, there are several color that can be represent as mediterranean color scheme, but the most preferred is the chocolate truffle color. This color […]

Esher Free Standing Kitchen Cabinets Cropped Small

Free Standing Kitchen Cabinets – Get Beneficial and Aesthetic Value in your Kitchen

A cabinet is an important piece of furniture that should be included as storage and decorative piece in a kitchen. Free standing kitchen cabinets can be the right type of cabinet you can choose in order to eliminate the dull and dreary look of your kitchen. They are flexible since they are included in built-in cabinets where you can place anywhere you want. Having free standing kitchen cabinetsis very beneficial […]

Steam Punk Furniture Design

Vintage Steam Punk Furniture Style

Long time ago, steam machine are mostly used for the human helper. But nowadays, those kinds of things can be used as the rooms’ decorations. Yes, this is it, the Steam punk Furnitures. And these kinds of furniture are variation, from a table, cupboard, bedding, or you can also found other room decorations that’s shaped exactly like this steam machine. So, by using this kind of furniture for your rooms, you […]