How to Reupholster a Dining Room Chair

Look at your dining chair. Is there any something boring? Should you make a little change? No, you shouldn’t make a little change. What you should do is, make a little thing to give a big change. So, how can you do it, then? You can simply learn how to reupholster a dining room chair […]

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Decorating A Kid’s Bathroom

Kids are identical with the term fun and gamesome. So, everything related to kids should be fun and playful, started from the room, the playroom, and the bathroom. If you agree with the notion fun and playful for your kid’s bathroom, then you are right to read this article. But then, how to create it […]

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Pictures of Window Seats

There are a lot of choices that you can have with the pictures of window seats on your hand, you will know, which the windows that you choose. The windows are very important for your home to get a better light on the daytime without have to turn on the light. The windows need to be place […]

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Candice Olson Divine Design Living Room

Before we enter the Candice Olson divine design living room, we have to know first, who Candice Olson is. Candice Olson were born on October 27, 1964, is a interior designer from Canada. He pointed out the house and its interior with Divine Design. In the United States he established his own practice of residential and commercial design, Candice Olson Design, based in Metro Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1994. Having a family as beautiful as heaven is the dream of every human being. Efforts to realize the beautiful paradise that gives families the peace and tranquility needed solid pillars, struggle, patience and sacrifice. Many people before marriage, my heaven my […]

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Home Decorating Ideas For 2013

The style of 2013 is almost over, in this end days of the 2013, I want to make a recall about the home decorating ideas for 2013. As we know, every year have its own characteristic of the design. Some design regarded to the special meaning for the year. For 2013, we found some particular […]

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Warm Colors for Living Room

Warm colors are good for living room because they can create a cozy environment, which is good for a gathering space like living room. So, if you want to feel the cozy and comfort of warm hues, you can try this in your living room. Here are some warm colors for living room you may […]

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