How to Build a French Drain

Everything in your home should be managed well. If there is something wrong around your home, like wet soggy area, it should be solved soon. Building a French drain will directly solve this problem since it can move the unwanted water to another area. Actually, you can learn how to build a French drain in […]

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Designer Decorative Pillows for Your Sofa

The decoration things for the living room are the important things for a house. You have to choose the right decoration for your house. The right decorations of the house will make your house feels right. There are a lot of things you can use as your decorations. You just have to be smart and […]

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Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

A small room often become our problem when we want to make storage.  The small room have no space to keep our things. Adding some cupboard to keep our thing, such as books, magazines, and our documents or files, need more space. Besides, our room looks narrow. Therefore, we need some creative way to create […]

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Serene Sun House – The House Look Brighter and More Tropical Feeling

I can bet, once you see this house, you will feel envy and want to have the same styled house. Yes, this house can be also called with serene sun house, a house that gives you the light of the sun. Why it’s called like that? It is maybe because of the heavy atmosphere of […]

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How To Sharpen Mower Blades

Cutting your beautiful lawn’s grass using a mower blade which is dull will not result in a beautiful lawn’s appearance, but it will make the grass vulnerable to be damaged by the sun/ disease. We usually forget how often the blade needs to be sharpened, which makes the mower dull. It should at least be […]

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Designs for Small Living Room

Do you have a living room in your house which is small? The living room could be the best room in the house. Because, the living room provide you some entertainments you can enjoy. You can get together in your living room. The coziest room to get together with the family is the living room. […]

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