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How to Build An Cute Underground House

How to Build an Underground House

Are you looking for the ways of how to build an underground house? Well, when it comes to building an underground house, there are some important things to consider. Building an underground house are not typically the same with the ordinary ones. It’s the radical yet practical idea and even it’s becoming more and more popular for years. Such house can be the good option for people who have got bored […]

Faux Rock Wall Landscaping Ideas Design

Faux Rock Wall Landscaping Ideas

Beautify the park would be a dream for homeowners. Moreover, the park became an important presence to decorate the house, and it could also be a place where we throw out the bored by see the greenery and naturalness of the park with relaxation sense. A park was not complete without the presence of rock wall. We can also create a stepping stone in our garden of cement, and we […]

Western Living Room Furniture with Stone Fireplace Decoration

Western Living Room Furniture Ideas

People talk about western living room furniture, but, they commonly don’t know what western living room look like, and I guess they need real reference here. I will try to show you western living room furniture picture, it’s quite the same as the regular furniture, but, try to see more closely on the style of the furniture, somehow it looks different for me. Basically, western furniture commonly use rustic and […]

Fresh Look Design Your Kitchen Layout

Design Your Kitchen Layout

Well, you do want to spend the time on the weekend so that you can design your kitchen layout as you have some sorts of plan to remodel the kitchen, spending the extra money that you have from the end year bonus. Of course, you are allowed to do such a thing since you are the owner of the house, but you also need to know that in order to design your kitchen […]

Tiny Transforming Combination Apartment in New York

Tiny Transforming Apartment in New York

Living in a big city is not easy, that’s one thing for sure. Not only the high living cost, but also the high renting cost for living place (the price of living place is also so damn high). This is one thing that we cannot avoid, just the same like tax. Since the area for living place is getting smaller and smaller, the price of living place is getting higher […]

Elegant Table With Chairs Henredon

Awesome Henredon Chairs for Decoration

If you want a cheap room decoration, you may look at this Japan living room, a Japan traditional house only have one single table on the living room, with no sofa or any chairs, don’t you think it’s looks very empty inside? No offence, but I don’t know what is on their mind, leaving the room with no furniture’s inside, it’s good for simple idea, but the appearance level is […]

How to Install Glass Block Windows with Custom Design

How to Install Glass Block Windows

It looks like installing block glass window is not easy, but I need to know about this one, I plan to change my basement window glass with glass block, it looks like glass block have better shape and resistance than the other glass window. How to install glass block windows, I need to get the information about this, I’m glad I have internet here, so I search the tutorial on […]

Paint Colors for Smart Bedrooms Blue

Paint Colors for Bedrooms Blue

Paint is the element of decoration that can extremely improve the aesthetic value in a specific room. Meanwhile, it can also make the room looks so bad if it applied in a wrong way. That is why the paint is chosen as the simplest way to redecorate a living place. It is easier to redecorate painted rooms than the room with full of a wallpaper. The paints are easily to […]

Pavilion Summer Home Designs

Summer Home Designs Ideas

Sometimes, many of us dreaming of a summer house somewhere near the beach, because this place is very relaxing. The interior is mostly simple, lightweight and makes you just think about the summer and the beach. Rattan and natural wood furniture are applied in rustic style looks like artwork for the interior. Usually there is a wall of glass in order to bring natural daylight and reflect them on the […]

Modern Round Closet Light Fixtures

Types of Closet Light Fixtures for Your Home

There is no other way to make sure we see each corner of the closet without adding the light. Light can be added from various sources, the easiest one is adding the light from the window around the closet. It is the way to add light using the natural light of the outside space of the house. But the closet will need the additional lighting when the night comes, it […]

Kids Room Designs Ideas and Pictures with Canopy

Kids Room Designs Ideas and Pictures

Your kids’ rooms should be the fun and cheering place since children world should be filled with fun things so that they will have beautiful childhood. That is why when it comes to decorate our children’s rooms we need to go all out so that the interior decoration of our children’s rooms will be maximally done. Just in case you’re now on this kind of mission of getting your kids’ […]