Cottage Garden Design Inspiring Ideas

Do you like flowers? Well, you can have flowers in your house. Actually, you can plan flowers at the outdoor of your house. There are so many kinds of flowers you can play at your outdoor space based on the season you are in. You can choose the flowers you like. The flowers could make […]

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Best Types of Door Knob Parts for Home

Society tends to pick a door knob as something luxurious as the fashion, this makes the development of key parts, especially the door knob parts to be faster in development than to mechanical of the knob itself. However, the mechanical of lock remains developed, such as the creation of other kinds of locks system of […]

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Modern Bathroom Tile Ideas Pictures

It looks good appearance if your bathroom has the appearance up to date. To make it real, you can create modern bathroom tile ideas in your bathroom. You should use the right time to make the impression of modern. Choosing the wrong tile will make you doesn’t reach your purpose that is making your bathroom look modern. […]

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Installing Bamboo Flooring – Steps to Install Bamboo Flooring for Staircase

For people who are in love with the hardwood flooring but consider the impact for the environment should get this type of material seen, the bamboo flooring. This material is considered as a resource which is rapidly-renewable or in other words it has short period of re-growth. It can be installed relatively easy, and here […]

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Luxury Home Blueprints – Building Luxury Home with A Stylish Design

A home with minimalist but luxurious concept nowadays become a common decoration and design choices. It appropriate to be applied into the theme of urban dwelling. You can design your home to make it look luxurious just by yourself without hiring any consultant design services. The luxury home tend to use the wide land and […]

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Elegant Design of Steigereiland 2 0 by FARO Arquitecten

This house is called with Streigereiland 2.0 which is the creation of FARO Arquitecten and constructed in Steigereiland, Amsterdam, Netherlands. When you see the house, I’m sure you will agree with my notion that the house has strong rustic elements as well as the heavy use of wooden materials. If you see this house from […]

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