Wall Trim Color Combinations for Your Home

Before you paint an interior room, consider how wall trim color combinations might affect the look you want. Think of the walls as a canvas, while the baseboards, door frames and window sashes act as a frame. With a little planning, you can use the trim to emphasize the colors or create a playful or sophisticated mood. […]

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Hoerr Schaudt Landscape Architects

Many people often don’t pay attention to the landscape of their homes, but actually it is important since your exterior is the first thing that people see before going inside your house right? So, talking about the important of landscaping, there are many companies which provide their services in certain field and one of them […]

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Luxurious Google Tel Aviv Office by Camenzind Evolution

Google has everything that their workers need at their office that is one thing which we have to agree with. If you are familiar or have seen what Google offices across the world look like, I’m sure you will understand. This is because Google wants to apply the notion of a great work place will […]

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Dining Room Color Schemes Ideas

Sometimes, it is very hard to make a decision of what kind of color for a room. It is no problem for a house which already has its own color schemes; we just make it match to the color schemes of the house. If the color schemes is blue-white minimalism style, you can choose blue, […]

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Narrow Lot Beach House Plans

Alright people, today I will try to share information about narrow lot beach house plans, does anyone know what narrow lot beach house is? In case you looking for detail information, you just come to the right place, this post will give you description and real narrow lot beach house plans designed by incredible designers. […]

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Smart Home Office Interior

Do you want to see the latest creation about home office interior? Well, it can be your lucky day, because today I will give you smart home office interior. Back in time where every office job only can be done at the office, just think about it, you need to reach the office, it will […]

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