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Unique Art Barn by Robert Young Architecture

Art Barn by Robert Young Architecture Interiors

This house is one of the masterpieces of modern living space. Located in such an exotic place, the living space which is called with art barn by Robert young architecture interiors has the mix of concrete structure with the forest that surrounds the area. It can be said that the living space is the combination of modernity and rusticity. When seeing the house from distance, we can find that the […]

Design of Victorian House Blueprints

Victorian House Blueprints – How to Get a Blueprint for Your House

If you are planning to renovating or restoring your home, blueprint is an important thing you have to own. Some people might think it is an easy matter to have a blueprint of their house, but some more people with an old Victorian house, which is more than 50 years old, will find difficulties to find the original blueprints of their house. Blueprints 50 years ago with today’s blueprints have […]

Bath Decor Ideas With Pictures Window Glass

Bath Decor Ideas Pictures

Bathroom is the most overlooked when we in home. It is so functionality, we take a bath and get fresh there. Without bathroom, our life is so ruin. Whatever the condition, bathroom is important, is that clean or rather dirty, has a good look or not. But, we need unusual decoration in our bathroom to make us freshly enjoy our need there, right? So we think about the best bath […]

Rustic Interior Decorating With Wall Lights

Rustic Interior Decorating

Recently, rustic interior decorating tends to be the most favorite home design. Not only for those who live in western country, but people who live in eastern countries adapted the rustic style to be applied in their house. What makes the rustic style become so famous is probably because the elements they use in this design is based on nature and bring the homey and welcome feelings to the homeowners […]

Best Design Basement Wall Panels

Basement Wall Panels Cost

Waterproofing the basement area is one of the activities that must be planned carefully before the building occupied. As we all know the basement are located at the bottom part of the house. It means that this kind of the room will be made before the first, second or third floor. That is the reason why the construction of the basement must be planned before all of the room on […]

Home Sweetiest

Swedish Decorating Blogs

Have you ever bumped into this Swedish decorating blogs when you were web surfing on the internet? This blog is such a perfect place for those who have been searching for a long time for everything about the Swedish style. You (maybe) will not find the more updated blogs about the Swedish style than this blog. For example, there is a flat home which applies the Swedish theme as the […]

Pink Bedroom Color for Girl

Best Color for Small Bedroom

Best Color for Small Bedroom – What a color means for you? I mean, is one color just the same like the others for you? Well, referring to the article “Psychology of Color”, the meaning of color is cultural and personal—for example red may increase a person’s nerves, or may make another feel excited. According to the fact of the article, painting a small bedroom in order to get the […]

3d Room Design Online Creativity Lving Room Interior

3d Room Design Online

There is some of fast development about the home building, especially in the field of architectural room designing to support the building processes, there is the AutoCAD, which is widely used among academics and professionals. But of course, it will be difficult for most people to use the kind of advanced software. People need something simple just like 3d room design online that can be accessed instant and directly from […]

Modern Interior Design Ideas for Elegant Bedrooms

Modern Interior Design Ideas for Bedrooms

The house is the place for living. You have to get your place of living to be comfortable for you. It is like the must thing to do when you are designing a house. You have to get the perfect design of the interior ideas that could make you feel comfortable in the house. There is a lot of choices you could have for your house. You have to get […]

Guest House

Styrofoam Domes

Have you ever imagined a house that is completely made from Styrofoam? If you have not, and maybe you will not even believe it, but it is a fact that there is house that is completely made from Styrofoam. This phenomenon really happens in Japan, at the Kyusu region for sharp. Since the house is completely made from Styrofoam, it can be assembled instantly by several people (This is possible […]

Most Fabulous Christmas Living Room Decor Ideas with Red carpet

Most Fabulous Christmas Living Room Decor Ideas

Do you get bored with the same old concept of Christmas for living room? or..You want to design dreamy Christmas living room yourself? or you want to ask an expert to create the idea of dreamy living room decoration? Well, all you need to do is seek for lots of information regarding the concept of Christmas decoration which truly fits with your passion, interest, and budget as well. People living […]