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Storm Shelter Plans: Solutions for Disasters

Storm Shelter Design Scheme

Storm Shelter Plans Outdoor

For those who live at the area with a lot of storm’s numbers, the storm shelter is surely essential. And for those who just started to plan building a storm shelter must be wondering what they should do. According to FEMA’s website, the storm shelters are considered as the most important rooms in a home especially for those which are located at the area with big chance of storms to occur. Since the tornadoes, hurricanes and flash floods are unpredictable, planning your storm shelter in advance will be wise, since it is a matter of life and death. Here below are the tips related to FEMA in planning your storm shelters. Keep reading for details.

Design Scheme for Building Storm Shelter

The FEMA’s 320 plan for DIY storm shelters

A guide has been published by FEMA for helping citizens in building as well as maintaining their very own DIY storm shelters. The guide is called “FEMA 320: Taking shelter from the storm: building safe room inside your house.” FEMA also provides its hotline at (888) 565-3896 which can be called for requesting the guide.

Storm Shelter Dome

And now let’s get to the issue, when planning to build a storm shelter; your plan will depend on what the shelter will be used for. For this part, get the for researching the storms frequency that hit the area of yours, the natural disasters’ kinds that hit as well as the wind’s speed that blow through the state of yours. By doing and knowing those steps you will be able to define how strong your shelter should be.

Now, get it decided which room will be the shelter. The room that will be used should relatively clean (keep things such as bikes and others, because you don’t want them flying and hitting you during the tornadoes). The 1st floor, the home interior, and under NO circumstances.

Before saying that there is no room to be used as a shelter, you must think carefully since the storm shelters’ average price on website is about $3,000 (taken from the

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