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Pallet Furniture Plans – How to Make Bedroom Using Pallet

Contemporary Bedroom with Pallet Furniture Plans

Charming Bedroom Design with Pallet Furniture Plans

Instead of throw away your old pallet or make them stay in a high that take much space of your backyard or your garage, why don’t you try to take advantages of the old pallet? There are some pallet furniture plans can be made. For example, you can make a bedroom from the pallet, which is comfortable, natural, good looking and of course cost-effective.

Rustic Bedrom Pallet Furniture Plans with Storage

What you need to do for this kind of pallet furniture plans is simple. First, you have to prepare the materials needed, which consist of two 44×48 pallets, nails, hammer, crowbar, wrench, mattress, and sheets. After that, you can take apart of your palette by utilizing hammer together with crowbar. You can wedge the crowbar under a plank and a hammer it in to create a gap. Do the same thing on the other side and pull. When the plank is in an inch, hammer it back in. It will make you leave the nails slightly elevated above the pallet. Pull them out using the back of your hammer.

Pallet Furniture Plans for Bedroom Design

One thing you should remember is, one pallet should still have wood on one side when you are done. The next step, is cut the wood for the legs for about half the length of the plank to ensure the strength and stability. Make sure that you try to us the sturdiest pieces of wood you have because the legs need to be the strongest part of the bed. After cutting your wood, you can attach the legs onto each corner of the bed. Use a drill to create a hole at one of the corners. Then the next step is hammer in a nail. Attach or two half planks on each corner and do the same thing to the other corners.

The more legs you have, the better, as long as you attach them carefully and securely. The last step is, enjoy your bed! You can either sleep on it directly for more natural feel, or adding a mattress and sheets. The most interesting of having pallet furniture plans is, you can change it easily whenever you are bored with the furniture. Just separate the pallet and make another idea.

20 Photos of the Pallet Furniture Plans – How to Make Bedroom Using Pallet

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