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Ideas Insulating Basement Wall

How to Insulating Basement Walls

Insulated Basement Wall

Unless you didn’t recently construct a home, the walls of basement’s chances with no insulation will lose about 25% of the total heat that can be achieved through the foundation walls. By getting your unfinished basement, it will do both saving the cost of energy consumption and also keeping the out the air and moisture. Here below are the things related to the issue of ideas insulating basement wall. Keep reading for details.

Ideas to Insulate Basement Wall

1. Get your basement checked for any leak of water. Get the joint between the foundation of the cement & frame of wood foundation sealed using the polyurethane foam sealant for getting the air stopped from coming in the basement windows’ cracks.

Ideas to Insulate Basement Wall

2. Get 8 foot 2 by 2 wood boards placed every 16 inches along the walls of concrete & also inside the corners of the walls. The 2 by 2 lumber can be also used for studding the walls of the basement if you don’t want to get the walls thickened and trying to get the losing space saved. Get the 2 by 4 board for the bottom plate. Get the boards positioned on the wall under the sill plate on the foundation walls’ top.

3. Get the bottom plate attached to the floor and get the 2 by 2 boards also attached to the wall with liquid nail glue.

4. Get the concrete screws driven into the pre drill holes. Get the holes drilled before the attaching task begun which can make the job easier and make sure each hole is level.

5. Get the blanket insulation used with a flame resistant facing for getting the unfinished basement walls insulated. The recommended R-value of 13 will go perfectly with your basement.

6. Get the insulation fitted between 2 by 2 furring strip boards with the facing side toward the basement’s interior. Just make it sure the cavity is filled completely by the insulation.

7. Finally, get the insulation’s both edges stapled to the framing boards’ front. Get your work started at the top, and staple about every eight inches from the top to the bottom plate. Get the insulation trimmed evenly with floor. Get all the seams tapped over stapled edges using a vinyl tape or about 3 inches for the width.

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