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How to Install Cultured Marble Shower Walls

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With Marble Shower Walls Hanging LampCultured marble is made of up to 75 percent marble dust with resins and pigments. It makes an attractive and low-maintenance alternative for shower walls and surrounds. It comes in a solid sheet you can cut to fit on site to the size and shape of your shower. Installing cultured marble shower walls to your bathroom can be a good idea for both function and look. So, you can create a great appealing in your bathroom simply by installing cultured marble.

The most interesting about cultured marble is that it can be suited into the shape of your walls and it can be adhered firmly within 24 hours after installation. Installing cultured marble shower walls can be started by prepping your walls. It can be installed virtually on any existing wall surface. You need to take down any drywall or green board in your bathroom and hang plastic sheeting over the studs to act as a vapor barrier preventing the studs from swelling in the event of a leak. Screw cement backer board sheets to the surround with 1/8 inch apart from one another. Apply a coat of primer once the backer board is up. When the walls are ready, you can template and cut the cultured marble. Template and trim the cultured marble to the correct size and shape of the shower walls to best fit the walls.

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Make a template using the cardboard boxes the sheets where shipped in. Place the cardboard on the shower walls and cut them to fit. Don’t forget to leave a 1/8-inch gap in each corner. Mark the position of shower valve and showerhead on the cardboard and place it on the backside of the cultured marble. After that, cut the sheets with a saw with a diamond blade to fit the space and use a hole saw to make cuts for the valve and head of the shower. When the cutting is done, you can install the cultured marble to the walls.
Those are some things you have to do to install cultured marble shower walls in your bathroom. So, you can consider the steps well to carefully install the cultured marble in your bathroom.

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